One Night Only, no living in a Daydream - 2012 UK dates on sale now

Posted: 16th January 2012

With a name like One Night Only, you could be forgiven for presuming that they might be a temporary band. In fact, their name came from not actually having one in the first place, yet had a gig waiting in the wings. There's nothing like thinking on the spot.

Since their first show some eight years ago, One Night Only proceeded to plough the furrow of show after show, tour after tour, and the occasional festival until the Vertigo label picked them up, dusted them down and gave them hugely-renowned Brit producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Simple Minds, XTC) as producer of their debut album. Talk about a gift.

'Started a Fire' appeared in 2008, barged its rocky way into the Top 10 Albums Chart and spawned a few hits, including 'Just For Tonight', setting them up nicely for a follow-up album and a lucrative deal with Coca-Cola (ads featured the song 'Can You Feel It Tonight'). The self-titled sophomore album stalled at No 37, but it hasn't stopped the band from interacting with their fans - they came up with the idea of ONO Wednesdays, which stands for, well you've guessed it.....One Night Only Wednesdays.

And the posting up of videos on YouTube has become a regular highlight for followers. We've included their very latest track, 'Daydream', just on the right. It's a prime example of their mature, melodic indie-rock and just what you'd expect to hear on their upcoming UK tour scheduled for the spring.

First stop is Liverpool on 16th April, followed by Norwich, Wrexham, Islington and more before ending up in York on 28th April. We have tickets on sale now, from as little as £10!

Paul Pledger