Jimmy Carr Gagging Order tour - January 2012 warm-up gigs on sale on day of show

Posted: 9th January 2012
Jimmy Carr

One of life's great regrets is not getting to see your favourite artists in intimate surroundings. Sure, the Arctic Monkeys were great at the MEN Arena but it would've been brilliant to see them with 100 others at the Night and Day. It is a common refrain.

Comedians, however, are often returning to smaller venues. Even the megastars of British comedy still take time off from playing the arenas to test out new material on small audiences, acting as focus groups. There are few bigger, more in demand British stand-ups than Jimmy Carr and, ahead of his new Gagging Order tour which takes in pretty much every large auditorium in the country, twice, he'll be trying out the content in front of crowds of no more than 54.

This month, Jimmy's is exercising the Gagging Order material in the cosy environs of the theatre over the Hen & Chickens pub on Highbury Corner in London. The remaining dates are tonight (9th Jan), followed by shows on 10th, 12th and 20th January, all starting at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from 11am on the day for the gigs and must be collected at least 15 minutes before showtime by the ticket purchaser only (photo ID required). Any returns will be sold on the door from 7pm on the night of the show.

And tickets are only ten of your earth pounds. Add the bookmark, cancel that day's 11 o'clock meeting - an intimate evening with Jimmy Carr beckons.

Note that, as the theatre's website cautions, this is often untried material and it "might be good, might be sh*t." But it's Jimmy Carr - even if sh*t happens, it'll still be funny.

The massive (and we mean MASSIVE) Gagging Order tour, with material you helped select (if you can get to the warm-ups), kicks off in Worthing on 5th April 2012, followed by gigs everywhere.

The 17th March 'final' warm-up at the Lowry in Salford is sold-out - resale tickets may be available.

Stewart Darkin