Jupitus, Edmondson, Innes and Rivron return with The Idiot Bastard Band for London residency, Feb/ Mar 2012

Posted: 5th January 2012

It has to be said that the word 'bastard' is under-used in the music-industry these days, but those who chose to include it in their stage monikers have included Bastard Kestrel, Heartless Bastards, Man is the Bastard and, of course, the wonderfully named thrash-core outfit Hellbastard. As for songs, "There ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards" is possibly the best, written and recorded by the late, great Ian Dury.

Talking of clever bar stewards - Neil Innes, erstwhile contributor to the comedy behemoths from the '70s, Monty Python and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, recently formed another band with the illegitimately-challenged noun in 2010. The casually-titled Idiot Bastard Band was never going to guarantee the group airplay on the One Show or Titchmarsh, but no matter - hobbies are, after all, quite rightly for the self-indulgent.

Other members of the band read like a comedy-musical. There's Roland Rivron, now a regular TV presenter but previously a member of Raw Sex (the French and Saunders 'house-band' he formed with another 'idiot bastard', the now-departed Simon Frint). Next is Phill Jupitus, famous for deadpanning his way through "Never Mind the Bollocks" but also not afraid to leap on stage with The Blockheads and Innes' Bonzo Dog outfit. And last but not least, Adrian Edmondson who for the time being will leave behind his successful acoustic-punk cohorts The Bad Shepherds (and a lifetime of comedy including The Young Ones) to concentrate on the return of The Idiot Bastard Band once more.

The quartet of comedians will be performing a quartet of riotous band shows at London's Monto Water Rats venue near King's Cross on 20th and 27th February and 5th and 12th March. The residency will be open to over 18s with tickets costing just £10. You can expect utter mayhem of a convivial nature, guests and banter and all interspersed with songs from Ian Dury, They Might Be Giants and, er, Flanagan & Allen.

Paul Pledger