Marguerita Time again - Status Quo announce summer 2012 gigs - tickets on sale now

Posted: 19th December 2011
Status Quo

'Status Quo' is a fitting epithet for a band that are a paragon of stability, resolutely resistant to the whims of change and who remain reliably, loyally, wonderfully, simply 'Quo'.

It's been more than 40 years since Catford cats Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster were joined by Rick Parfitt to form the core of Status Quo. After dabbling with psychedelia and charting with their first single, 1967's trippy, dippy 'Pictures of Matchstick Men', the Quo settled on a successful, if now familiar, formula of limited chord progression, faded blue jeans and trainers and some of the best Dad Rock ever recorded.

Status Quo must not be underestimated however. They've registered 60-odd UK hit singles, 22 of them reaching the Top Ten. They have global record sales of more than 100 million [more than 118 million, in fact - Ed]. They opened Live Aid at Wembley stadium in 1985. They still look the same.

Yet, unlike a number of long-serving rock bands, Status Quo are no Trigger's Broom, with key parts replaced time and time again [ay up, haven't you used that one before? - Ed]. Parfitt and Rossi remain the group's axis. Lancaster left after the Live Aid show, having already clocked up around two decades' service. Keys man Andy Brown has been in the band since the mid-seventies and bassist John Edwards has been with the Quo since 1986.

Even the 'latest' addition, drummer Matt Letley, has been on board more than 10 years. In fact, in 44 years, the five-piece has had no more than 11 permanent members, and four of those have been drummers (it's always the drummers).

With a pedigree and back catalogue that needs no introduction (despite the, er, introduction above), Status Quo have announced initial outdoor dates for 2012.

They play Speke Hall in Liverpool on 3rd June (supported by The Christians), we have tickets available now priced from £29.50. On 24th August, the Quo play Northern Meeting Park in Inverness, we have tickets from £36.

Stewart Darkin