Take Care - Drake bowled over with new album and UK/ Ireland tour in 2012 - tickets on sale Friday 16th Dec

Posted: 13th December 2011

It seems that Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, cannot stay off Twitter. Head to his page and there you'll find all manner of lyrical snapshots and philosophical sound-bites. More recently, however, the news came out that someone in the US had his moniker tattooed on her forehead. Permanently.

Surprisingly, young Drake hasn't returned the favour by having 'WTF?' inked onto his face, but is instead plotting to take over the world instead. After releasing his first acclaimed album, "Thank Me Later", armed with more guests than a royal wedding (Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj etc), things looked rosy for Drake, until things took a turn for the worse with his mother's health - her illness brought about an abrupt end to his extensive European schedule and he returned to support her through her recovery. Family comes first.

Drake's family of fans continues to support him - despite those cancellations, hunger for a piece of the rapper grows across the globe. His recently-issued second album "Take Care" has just stormed to #1 in his home-country (despite upsetting the city of Toronto by using its logo on an promotional advert for the album) and the US, as well #5 here and Top 40 in France, Australia and Ireland.

To coincide with its success, Drake will take "Take Care" on the road in the spring, with arena shows in Dublin (24th March), London, Sheffield, Cardiff etc until returning later in April for stints in Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham. Tickets are on sale from Friday, priced from £35 upwards.

Paul Pledger