Be humbled by their greatness: Tragedy - A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees return for summer 2012 UK tour

Posted: 13th December 2011

You know you're onto a winner when your musical pride and joy is derided by someone like Piers Morgan. According to Tragedy's website, he is quoted as saying, "You've heard the Bee Gees song 'Too Much Heaven'? Your band Tragedy is more like Too Much Hell" . It's enough to make you keep calm and carry on - which is precisely what the metal parody-cum-tribute Bee Gees band did. Yah boo sucks, Piers.

Formed in 2000, Tragedy don't just perform Bee Gees songs, they recreate anything the brothers Gibb laid their talented, multi-million-selling musical mitts on. Gloriously sending up the high-pitched falsettos of the original trio and mixing their sound with the pomposity of Guns and Roses or Poison, it's like Spinal Tap wearing white jackets and disco-trousers.

Their first album, "We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong", featured some of the Gibbs' best known numbers including "Staying Alive", "Jive Talkin'" and of course "Tragedy". And you know what? It works a treat! Hard to believe that the band members used to head-up a grindcore band before this. They even renamed themselves after their heroes. Barry Glibb. Robin Gibbens. You get the picture.

Album number two concentrates on more '70s trouser-tightening classics including "If I Can't Have You", "Woman In Love" (both from the Gibb canon), "Hot Stuff" and "Xanadu". Naturally, like the first album, it has an understated title - it's called: "Humbled by Our Greatness" and of course, you will be. It's on iTunes already, with a physical release due next year - just in time for a tour, methinks!

If you relish the chance of rocking out to some serious '70s music, made by icons and reproduced by Piers Morgan's 'favourite' band, you'd better listen up. For next year's tour, they've picked O2-branded arenas up and down the UK, including Glasgow on 24th May, then Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham etc until the last night in Islington on 2nd June.

We will have tickets from 9am on Wednesday, except Oxford (which goes on sale 5pm on the same day). Prices range from £7/£8 regionally to £10 for London.

Paul Pledger