Prepare for The Flood - Of Mice & Men bring uncompromising live shows to the UK in April/ May 2012

Posted: 7th December 2011
Of Mice & Men

When searching the two biggest UK online metal magazines for information on these boys, it seems neither has much to offer the curious. Thankfully, one US site revealed that the band had headlined a huge 27 city tour last month, as part of the Monster Outbreak Tour. I also found a decent 8/10 review for Of Mice & Men's second album, "The Flood". With the band approaching our shores next year, armed with that same Billboard-busting album, you'd be expecting a bit more in the way of enthusiasm.

Make no mistake, this band take no prisoners. Drums induce chest pains, guitars rage like angry road-drills and re-signed lead-singer Austin Carlile screams like a thousand kittens being blow-torched [no kittens were harmed in the writing of this article - Ed]. It's not pretty, but then 'metalcore' isn't supposed to be. And any singer previously employed by the similar Attack Attack! (the US band), ain't going to be crooning in the moonlight - he's going to be screaming.

After a modestly-successful self-titled debut album in 2009, Carlile suffered a few heart murmurs and underwent surgery - he also left the band for a spell during recovery. However, having got himself back to decent fitness levels, he's rejoined Of Mice & Men and leads the band on a UK crusade next year.

Their tour starts in Tunbridge Wells on 20th April and continues to Carlisle, Aberdeen, Glasgow and many more until the Camden Underworld gig on 4th May and a later show in Brighton on the 25th. We will have tickets from 9am Friday, priced £10 upwards (even London!). Brighton is on sale now.

Paul Pledger