Steel Panther set to get their Balls Out for spring 2012 UK tour

Posted: 7th December 2011

Subtlety isn't some people's strong points - Alice Cooper, Courtney Love, John Lydon, Lemmy and this lot won't be issuing any fluffy Christmas albums anytime soon. And let's face it, if Steel Panther released a festive collection, it'd probably have songs like "Cradle My Full Sack of Christmas Joy", "D'ya Wanna Climb Up My Dusty Chimney?" or, woe betide us, "Deck The Halls with Holly's Bush". Possibly.

Mercifully, Steel Panther have enough coarse innuendo to be getting on with at the moment - they've recently exposed most of Britain's rock fans to their cheeky smile-igniting 'nudge-nudge', with performances this month supporting Def Leppard alongside Mötley Crüe (tickets still available - check below). But the L.A. sleaze-metallers aren't new to the UK - previous album "Feel the Steel" caused some degree of mirth when released in 2009, resulting in a short UK tour the following year.

They sold out their last visit to London last month, which isn't surprising when a rock band has the audacity to name their latest opus, "Balls Out". From its suggestive scantily-clad sleeve and the accompanying hymns to the easily-offended, Steel Panther hover between childish parody and earnest rock chops. Listening to songs like "It Won't Suck Itself" (obviously about ice lollies), "I Like Drugs" (erm, you do the maths) and "Supersonic Sex Machine" (!) and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the new Crue or Poison album had just been released. Listen to the lyrics and it's definitely Steel Panther.

Naturally, you want a little bit more of those horny big cats, right? Good job - they've announced a handful of their very own headlining shows, due to take place in March. Chosen cities so far include Birmingham (27th), Glasgow (28th), Manchester (30th) and finally Brixton on the 31st. Prices start at £16 - we will have them on sale from 9am on Friday.

Apparently, their last single issued in the States was "17 Girls in a Row". At that rate, I make that just over 4 after each UK gig, right ladies? Form an orderly queue then.

Paul Pledger