Shingles KO's winter Felice plans - US country-rockers The Felice Brothers reschedule December 2011 UK shows

Posted: 6th December 2011
The Felice Brothers

Whilst several hapless and unfortunate musicians, singers and songwriters are currently nursing their bumps and bruises, spare a thought for Ian Felice. He's been diagnosed with shingles and has been told to nip his remaining European shows with The Felice Brothers, in the bud. Bummer - shingles is a very unpleasant rash-like condition and we wish him a speedy and painless recovery.

Meanwhile, the band issued a brief statement on their site thus:

(For the sake of) Ian's health, we have decided to postpone the remainder of our European tour. We were all very excited to play for our awesome fans on the other side of the Atlantic, and we can't really express how bummed we are by the whole situation.

But, fear not - the band have already sorted out replacement shows, with March being the chosen month. Calling points are now London's Macbeth (13th), Birmingham (14th), Dublin (15th), Belfast (16th), Glasgow (17th), Manchester (18th) and a second London show, this time at KOKO on the 20th. Keep hold of your original tickets - otherwise you can purchase new ones for £14.50 - £15.

Paul Pledger