Straight to the PowerPoint - Dave Gorman to continue UK tour with presentation of 2012 dates

Posted: 30th November 2011
Dave Gorman

Since our last update in May, writer and comedian Dave Gorman has continued his insatiable thirst for interactive and social pedantry, a la "Googlewhack" and "Have You Met Dave Gorman?", with yet another engaging book, this time entitled "Dave Gorman vs the Rest of the World", in which he 'knocked on the biggest door in the world - the internet - and invited all and sundry to play a game with him'. Monopoly, Scrabble, you name it, he played it. Lord only knows how he's going to tour that one!

Meanwhile in 2012, Gorman will be continuing his PowerPoint Presentation as a continuation of his rather busy autumn schedule which featured over 40 dates and a nifty bit of Microsoft knowledge to boot.

The next batch of shows will resume next year from Torrington in deepest North Devon (19th May), Aldershot, Durham, Dartford and many more until (for now) Coventry on 28th June. More shows are expected to be announced in due course - meanwhile, all will go on sale from Friday at 9am, except Belfast which is on sale now for £20.

It might be wise to have a chess or Pass the Pigs travel-set on standby, just in case.

Paul Pledger