Zach Braff's All New People coming to the UK in February 2012 - tickets available now

Posted: 30th November 2011

Although he looks younger, Zach Braff is 36 years old. And he knows your heart.

For a decade he played John Dorian, 'JD', in the US hit comedy 'Scrubs'. Although the beneficiary of some excellent writing and expert casting, Braff pitched JD as a good-hearted man-child, struggling with the responsibilities and expectations of adulthood while still secretly living for high-fives and popcorn.

In 2004, the film he had written, directed and starred in, 'Garden State', was a critical and commercial success. It is about a troubled young actor who returns to his hometown and struggles to reconcile its gentle small town pace with the changes in his own life and, a little like Dr Dorian, he finds himself (and Natalie Portman).

This is not the sum of Braff's work to date, not at all, but these are the headline grabbers. And one suspects they help sum up the man and his work just a little. Both 'Scrubs' and 'Garden State' are bursting with warmth and humility and a pathos that appears to come directly from Zach Braff.

These reflections on maturity and on simply finding time to 'be', amid the restless pace of modern life, are familiar to all. And Braff has more thoughts on the matter. Early in the year, a play he'd written called All New People, made its off-Broadway debut at the Second Stage Theatre.

All New People is about 35-year-old Charlie (played by Braff in the UK production), who escapes into the shadows of New Jersey to seek some peace and finds nothing but quiet, life-affirming, fun-loving adventure. It is pure Braff and, as he always does, the actor, writer and director, will, through Charlie, find a way into your heart.

All New People with Zach Braff has its UK premiere at the Manchester Opera House on Wednesday 8th February, running until Saturday 11th and transferring to Glasgow's King's Theatre for five nights from Tuesday 14th February.

The play comes to London for 10 weeks at the Duke of York's Theatre from Wednesday 22nd February. Note that all three sets of dates include matinée performances and that All New People carries a 16+ age rating.

We have tickets available now, priced from as little as £12, rising to £66.50 for the very best London seats.

Tickets are expected to sell out very quickly.

Stewart Darkin