Stick your hand out - Mark Watson ends Request Stops to perform new work in progress at February 2012 Soho residency

Posted: 24th November 2011
Mark Watson

It's true to say that funny football-fanatic and Fringe-favourite, Mark Watson, gets around. We don't mean in a lawsuit Leveson sort-of way (although something may be exclusively revealed in the Daily Fail at the weekend. Possibly.), we mean physically and nomadically.

Currently, the Bristol City follower is roaming the country playing out the final stages of his highly-successful "Request Stops" tour of the UK. The idea behind the tour came from his 'likers'/'followers'/'stalkers' on networking sites always asking, "Why don't you come to Inverness?", "Is Jersey not on your sat-nav?" and "Do you know the way to San Jose? Well, how about playing there then". Admittedly, that last question may have been made up by us.

A quick look at his schedule [that's it, just below these lovingly crafted words - useful Ed] and you'll notice a fair few of these 'stops' have been selling out, which means remaining shows in Inverness (10th Dec), St.Helier (16th Dec) and Lincoln (25th Jan) will also probably go the same way. Tickets cost £15. Probably best to get them booked sharpish.

London-wise, it's been a while since Watson played in the capital, but he won't be bringing his "Request Stops" tour down here, no sirree - for his next shows it'll be all about the 'Work in Progress'. In other words, fresh new material and a new show is on the horizon. It probably won't be called 'Work In Progress' though. Or "Request Stops 2" ['Last request'? - Ed].

To this end, the Soho Theatre will host a six-night residency in February, featuring Mark Watson doing what he does best - being observational, witty, satirical and rather good value-for-money, whilst still trying working on new gags. Tickets to the shows on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th February cost £15 (£12.50 for concessions) and will probably be snapped-up pretty quickly.

Paul Pledger