Lee Nelson is... Live, kicking (and now Barking) with 2012 UK tour dates - tickets on sale now

Posted: 22nd November 2011

It could be easy to assume that Simon Brodkin's 'well funny' comedy-character, Lee Nelson is a) real and b) a yoof. But swift detective-work reveals that his creator is in his 30s, thus continuing the tradition of sending up teenagers by being 'old' and dressing up as a dopey and stroppy acne magnet.

Think Harry Enfield as lank-haired Kevin Perry, think Matt Lucas as tracksuited-monster Vicky Pollard - but don't include the good-natured Nelson with them. Brodkin's creation rarely gets a 'moody on' because his persona is based on wilful naivety and simple optimism, a cheery, cheeky, laddish and actually likeable variant of what many 'grown-ups' hate about the very spawn they send out to play in other people's gardens. Oops, sounded a bit like a hater there - just kidding kiddies.

After the success of Nelson's recent TV series, the cleverly-named "Lee Nelson's Well Good Show", and his current sold-out November tour, it comes as no surprise that he and his mate Omelette will be out in force for a UK tour in 2012. Called "Lee Nelson...LIVE!", the new shows begin in Reading on 10th March, followed by many more including the obvious (Nottingham, Swindon, London etc) and the not-so-obvious (Aldershot, Hayes, Aberdare etc) plus a new show in Barking on 23rd March.

Tickets are on sale now, with varying prices starting from £22.50.

Paul Pledger