Clint Boon talks about the Inspiral Carpets reunion and 2012 UK tour - tickets: Friday 25th November

Posted: 22nd November 2011
Tom Hingley

"The music we're making now is pure, basic, infectious garage music." When Clint Boon talks about the Inspiral Carpets' 2011 reunion, the enthusiasm is palpable.

Boon was talking to AllGigs as the band prepare for a UK tour early next year and on the day that their new single, 'You're So Good For Me', hit the shelves (well, iTunes). The track is catchy, upbeat and energetic, and it feels authentic. That former lead vocalist Tom Hingley has departed to be replaced with the original frontman and founding member, Stephen Holt, adds to the honesty.

"The feeling in the band right now is more positive, relaxed, inspired and motivated than ever," says Boon, "I think a lot of it is down to us being at that stage in life where you realise what is worth worrying about and what's not really a matter of life or death." That maturity seems key to a band returning to its roots somewhat.

In the absence of Hingley, accusations of cashing in are much harder to level at the Inspiral Carpets. And, as Clint Boon hints, restoring Holt to the line-up has channelled some of that mid-eighties, youthful enthusiasm into a group with a near thirty-year history. They feel like a new band, but with a stellar back catalogue.

The response to the reunion has been warm and the news that Holt is once again taking on vocal duties greeted with intrigue. The Inspiral Carpets have always maintained a loyal fan base and this is sure to help.

"We just did a short tour of South America," says the legendary keys man. "It reminded us of how much love there is for the band."

And love is, in this instance, for a change, the answer. The Inspiral Carpets are still held in deep affection and their renaissance with Stephen Holt at the mic is seemingly driven by a sense of unity and, well, 'bromance'. The Inspirals are a band who have fallen back in love with each other and with making music.

Clint Boon feels blessed. "Being in Inspiral Carpets is a pleasure and a privilege," he muses, "Long may it continue."

The spring tour kicks off at Thekla in Bristol on 15th March, followed by dates in London (KOKO), Holmfirth, Norwich, Southsea, Leamington Spa and Glasgow, before closing the tour with a homecoming gig at The Ritz in Manchester on Saturday 24th March.

We will have tickets available for all dates when they go on sale at 9AM on Friday 25th November, priced from £17 (Norwich) to £20, with the London gig coming in 50p cheaper than most, at £19.50.

The gigs are expected to sell quickly so bookmark this page and stick a reminder in your phone.

Stewart Darkin