The Long March continues for Henry Rollins - January 2012 UK shows precede Aussie tour

Posted: 17th November 2011
Henry Rollins

There aren't many people you'd wish to be the US President for a day, let alone a term of office, but there are a fair few who'd vote a certain Mr Rollins into power. You get the feeling our Henry would put his time to good use, with surely his first target being the corruption, avarice, greed and politics that fuels his spoken-word routines.

This year he turned 50 years old, still looks about 35 and has the same gleeful excitement about touring his craft as a six year old has at Christmas - basically, Rollins never seems to stop touring. In fact, turning fifty years old gave him another chance to perform around the globe, maligning about world wars, famine, regimes, civil rights and haters - which leads us nicely onto Henry's next UK tour.

Called 'The Long March', this new tour will show just how versatile Rollins is with words, humour, culture and a healthy slice of cynicism. OK, it's another tour with Henry maligning wars, famine, regimes, civil rights and haters - but his delivery is infectious, articulate and actually very funny. I've seen him a few times and, apart from 'hello England', 'you've been a great audience' and 'corruption', I can guarantee every part of his routine will be fresh. You won't come out brow-beaten, you'll come out determined to do your bit. With this man, there are no double entendres or double standards - just broad-minded discussion. And you have to like a bloke who can scare Terry Christian, live on TV right? (The Word in the '80s).

His January tour kicks off in Manchester on the 12th, followed by shows in Glasgow, Dunfermline, Newcastle and many more until he hits London's Royal Festival Hall on the 20th and the final stop in Bexhill on the 21st. He then makes a stop in Dublin on the 22nd before heading off around the rest of Europe. Tickets are on sale now, priced from £16 to £18.50 (€24.90 for Dublin).

Paul Pledger