NYE Re:Wired - New Year's Eve 2011 at The O2 with Kasabian, Chase and Status and more

Posted: 8th November 2011

New Year's Eve can be a rum affair. Whether you're attempting to squeeze through the ring of steel that surrounds Trafalgar Square every 31st December or wondering exactly why you paid £25 to go to your local on the busiest night of the year, the celebrations rarely turn out as expected.

In truth, it is more often than not a crushing disappointment of a night. A racing, slurry blur of an evening, sobered only by the sub-zero wait for a cab and finally knocked unconscious by the subsequent astronomical taxi fare. Yes, New Year, same old crap.

But not if you know where to look. What you really need is an invite to a party; an exclusive, ticket-only affair with guaranteed entertainment. And we don't mean the Blues Brothers band Dave's got booked for the Bull's Head. No, we're talking headbands, guitars, stomping indie anthems and crashing, live drum and bass.

This year, the shed in London's back garden, The O2, will be hosting 'NYE Re:Wired' an enormous party where the entertainment comes from Kasabian and a live show from Chase and Status, all held together by Radio 1's Mr New Music, the ambiguously accented Zane Lowe. And if you can get around 20,000 mates together, you'll have the place to yourself.

O2 Presents NYE Re:Wired with Kasabian, Chase and Status & Zane Lowe, to give the full title, takes place, unsurprisingly, on 31st December 2011 at The O2 Arena in Greenwich.

We will have tickets available when they go on sale at 9AM on Friday 11th November, priced £32.50.

And remember the brilliant tube service will be free on New Year's Eve. And then it'll just stop, like a massive city-wide game of musical chairs. But it won't matter where you end up walking home from, because you'll have been one of the few to have had a truly memorable 31st December.

Stewart Darkin