Time to drop the Jägerbombs - Skindred and Therapy? for 2012 Jägermeister Tour- tickets (just £5!) on sale Friday 11th Nov

Posted: 5th November 2011

Now we don't advocate boozing on this site, oh no. However, if you can save a huge amount of money on ticket prices, it leaves you with more disposable beer-tokens, right? Bearing that thought in mind, you might want to read on…

Two hugely-popular metal bands have been confirmed for next year's Jägermeister Music Tour 2012 and they are headliners Skindred and co-conspirators, Therapy?. The tour will take place next spring and will take in five cities, beginning with Leeds on 10th April, followed by Glasgow, Newcastle, London and Bristol with tickets due to go on sale via Allgigs next Friday (11th November). And the price? Just £5...yes, FIVE POUNDS!

Apparently the drinks giant has subsidised much of the expense in return for a spot of heavy advertising, sorry I meant Brand Activation (an award the German liquer was nominated for at this year's UK Festival Awards 2011, strangely enough). This all means that you can get in for next to nothing and leave the concert looking like, well, next-to-nothing - you'll be squandering your pennies on Jägermeister (unless you hate the stuff of course).

Skindred and Therapy? are probably delighted at being asked back to represent - they've just finished a show called Ice Cold in Birmingham with Rolo Tomassi, Yashin and Malefice and judging by the pics on the drink-brand's website, they rocked the joint. More guests for the Jägermeister Music Tour 2012 will be announced in due course!

If you live in Hertfordshire, by the way, you can look forward to Ice Cold in Hatfield, a show featuring The King Blues, The Skints, Turbowolf and more. It takes place on 29th November, again priced at £5 from us.

Paul Pledger