No more punching lions - it's time for Pulled Apart By Horses to unveil a new album and February 2012 UK tour

Posted: 5th November 2011

With a band-name that evokes images of flailing and aggressive equine nightmares, Leeds-based Pulled Apart By Horses have an uncanny knack of channelling that imagery in their music - it's a powerful blend of relentless riffing and a barrage of screamed slogans, rather like the most-recent and re-released single, "I Punched a Lion in the Throat" and the self-titled album. I doubt they'll be on BBC Breakfast plugging their next set of songs - meanwhile to remind yourselves just how intense they can get, you can view the aforementioned delights by clicking on the player.

2011 has seen the band perform at several festivals, including Reading, Leeds, Underage and just recently, London's Freeze Festival. But it's 2012 they've got their beady eyes on and the first few shows have been unleashed on an unsuspecting public already. They will perform in Newcastle on 15th February, followed by Manchester (17th) and Bristol (18th). Tickets go on sale next week, priced from £8. You can expect to hear new material as unveiled by the boys during the summer.

In addition to playing live, James and Lee from PABH will be DJing at a new club-night in their hometown Leeds on 21st November - it's at the Hi-Fi Club, the night is called Die Slow (nice and cheery, then) and is priced at £4.

Paul Pledger