Frankie Boyle announces 'Last Days of Sodom' (and final?) tour for 2012 - tickets on sale 18th November

Posted: 3rd November 2011
Frankie Boyle

Dark, acerbic, nihilistic, Scottish, unshaved - all words that have been used to describe controversial Glaswegian comedian Frankie Boyle at one time or another. He became famous, then infamous, mostly through his appearances on the BBC2 comedy show 'Mock the Week' on which he was a panellist for seven series.

Boyle quickly became a viewers' favourite for his brutal comic contributions that explored the margin between what is acceptable for post-watershed BBC2 and the things that people know they shouldn't really laugh at, without straying into Bernard Manning territory.

It was a fine balance and one that Boyle didn't always manage. Well-documented jokes about the Queen's anatomy and the appearance of Olympic medallist Rebecca Adlington were ultimately a gag too far for the suits at the Beeb and Boyle was moved on.

Not that it stopped him. Frankie's stand-up routines frequently included references to the disabled and disadvantaged and he soon became low-hanging fruit for those seeking to pillory the state of modern comedy. Perhaps other comedians would have got away with some of the things Frankie said although anyone with a reputation for the controversial would be advised to steer away from routines about Down's Syndrome, the political situation in the Middle East and Katie Price and Dwight Yorke's disabled son Harvey.

Increasingly annoyed that he couldn't even tell a good old-fashioned knob gag without an outcry in the Daily Mail, Boyle seemed to rebel with ever funnier and darker comedy. Pressed on the offence caused by some comments he made about Down's Syndrome in 2010, Boyle is reported to have replied "This is my last tour. I don't give a f*** what people think".

Only it wasn't his last tour. The Last Days of Sodom Tour, planned for 2012, looks like it may now be his last. Divisive and controversial to the bitter end, it cannot be denied that Frankie Boyle has the gift of being able to make a lot of people laugh until their trousers hurt.

We will have tickets for the extensive tour when they go on sale at 10AM on Friday 18th November, priced around £25.

Most dates will sell out quickly, so make sure you favourite this page and stick a reminder in your phone.

Extra Dates Added

As predicted, tickets have been in high demand. So much so that extra dates have now been added for London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Newcastle. Brand new dates have also been announced for Grimsby, Leicester, Ipswich, Cardiff, Derby, Sunderland, Birmingham, Middlesbrough, Bradford, Leeds, Hull, Coventry and Southend. Tickets available now.

Stewart Darkin