Why Reggie so crazy? find out as Reggie Watts confirms Roundhouse show for 2012!

Posted: 3rd November 2011

The mark of a good comedian are the basics - excellent patter, confidence, audience-rapport and, above all, hilarious jokes. However, if a comic is blessed with a physical quirk or blemish, then all the better. Milton Jones wouldn't be Milton Jones without the slightly perplexed expression and a hairstyle that looks like it's seen the inside of a wind tunnel more than a barbers. Greg Davis makes good use of his height and brick-house chest-width, while the revered Les Dawson, surely one of comedy's greats, had a face that sank a thousand chips [sic] and a knack for monologues that could curdle varnish.

Reggie Watts is another comedian who is blessed with a few outstanding features, the most physically obvious one is his hair - we're talking rampant afro locks. But that doesn't necessarily make him funny, it just makes him all the more memorable when combined with his rapier-like rapping sequences, in which no two raps seem the same, or his breath-taking beat-boxing which impressed our own Beardyman enough to include him in his recent Udderbelly show, "Complete and Utter Shambles". It's all about persona.

With praise being showered upon the award-winning American from all sides - GQ branded him a "comic genius", the Toronto Star exclaimed him as "altogether weird, wonderful and sublimely funny", even Brian Eno went one better than GQ by calling Reggie, "a towering genius"- that's a whole bunch to live up to. And you can judge for yourself when the king of absurdist hip-hop and creator of the album, "Why $#!+ So Crazy?" hits London in 2012.

Watts will be appearing at the Roundhouse on 23rd January, a perfect show to wipe away the Christmas cobwebs and the cold turkey.

We will have tickets for this show from Friday morning at 9am, priced from £17.50 to £22.50 plus fees. Our editor recommends him - he stole the show at a Lewis Taylor gig a few years back, not an easy thing to do it has to be said!

Paul Pledger