Emilie Autumn in the spring - 2012 UK dates on sale Friday 4th November

Posted: 31st October 2011

Any artist whose bio boasts influences and styles including theatrical, gothic, punk, glam rock and Victoriana is always going to be 'a bit of a card'. And Emilie Autumn is certainly that.

A skilled songwriter, poet, violinist and former psychiatric hospital ward patient, Emilie Autumn Liddell from Los Angeles has built a reputation for off-the-wall, eclectic entertainment that includes elements of punk, burlesque and glam, sometimes styled as 'Victoriandustrial'.

Comparisons with Tori Amos or the early works of Kate Bush are never far away but Emilie Autumn is an artist like no other, who wears her experiences like an open wound for all to inspect. Brutally honest and sincere, she has attracted a loyal following at home and abroad.

Autumn's time in hospital was down to the dramatic extremes of her bi-polar disorder and a suicide attempt, and provided the basis for one of her most popular works, the 2010 autobiographical novel 'The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls'. Away from the written word, Autumn's music is as beguiling and otherworldly as the influences suggest; industrial electronica which bleeds heart-breaking strings and her contralto/soprano voice.

Her debut release was the 2003 album 'Enchant', re-released in 2007 after the success of her second record, 2006's 'Opheliac'. A third record, 'Fight Like a Girl', is set for release in 2012 and the forthcoming live performances are likely to combine the new, as-yet unheard material with Autumn's unique back catalogue and edgy, exciting, unpredictable style.

Emilie Autumn's March 2012 UK tour schedule includes dates in Glasgow on (9th), followed by Nottingham (10th) and Bristol (11th), with further dates expected to be added.

We will have tickets for the dates announced so far when they go on sale at 9AM on Friday 4th November, priced £14.

Stewart Darkin