It's the end of this band as we know it - R.E.M. conclude Adventures in Hi-Fi with final songs and album

Posted: 28th October 2011

The much-publicized termination of R.E.M. last month, prompted much heartbreak amongst devout fans and a few snide remarks from those who felt the band had outstayed their creative welcome. Either way, their legacy will be revisited for one last compilation, due for release on 15th November.

Called "Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage 1982-2011", the double-disc set is a career-spanning retrospective that appears to cover all bases. From "Chronic Town" anthem, "Gardening By Night", past plaid-shirted classics "So.Central Rain", "Fall On Me" and "Driver 8", via gnarly mid-paced highpoints "Finest Worksong", "Orange Crush" and "The One I Love", through stadium-pleasing "Losing My Religion", "Man On The Moon" and "Everybody Hurts" and less-memorable later tracks "At My Most Beautiful", "Uberlin" and "Bad Day", the two CDs serve as a fitting finale to Michael Stipe and co's enviable knack of coupling literary references with canny tunes and catchy choruses. The album is available on pre-order now via Amazon and iTunes.

Of course, there are a few new songs on the album, designed to sweeten the palette and dry the most moistened eyes belonging to those still mourning the loss of their heroes - and one of those new songs is posted just to your right.

Aptly entitled "We All Go Back To Where We Belong", REM have commissioned not one but two videos for its release, one starring acclaimed Hollywood-actress Kirsten Dunst (Spider-Man, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and the other starring forward-thinking artist and poet, John Giorno (he's worked with Andy Warhol, William S.Burroughs and Patti Smith, amongst others). Stipe says, "To be able to work with John and Kirsten was a dream I carried since we recorded the song, and their participation completes the song for me.

Which is your favourite version? Check out the black and white films and decide for yourself - it's a good tune to sign off with too.

Paul Pledger