Wherever she will go on tour - Charlene Soraia tastes top 3 success and announces February 2012 UK tour

Posted: 24th October 2011

Every so often, a song gets covered or written and used in an advert with the resultant escalation of the singer or band's profile proving to be astronomical. But as quickly as that star rises, it can fall again just as quickly - hello, Stiltskin - which may or may not happen to the latest sensation, Charlene Soraia. Yes, her name was new to me until last week, but the young singer has been around for a few years, quietly strumming guitars since the age of 5, rebuilding guitars at the age of 17 and living, breathing and wielding acoustic guitars for the foreseeable future.

Lately though, she's been courted by Twinings Teas for an advert that is already proving rather lucrative - she's just reached #3 in the Top 40 Single Chart with her graceful cover of "Wherever You May Go", originally recorded by another long-forgotten band, The Calling. Sitting somewhere within the Kate Nash and Eliza Doolittle sphere - fragile yet powerful tonsils, atmospheric yet direct - Soraia's profile will be upped even further with the release of her debut album, "Moonchild", in November. And after that?

A UK tour awaits the young singer in 2012, starting in Lancaster on 19th February, followed by stops in Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol etc, finishing up with two already sold-out shows in London (at the Enterprise). Whilst she sorts out another capital gig, the remaining shows around the UK are still available for a tenner or less in most cases - don't miss out.

Paul Pledger