Immodesty Blaize and the Noisettes are Looking For Trouble with two Christmas 2011 shows - tickets available now

Posted: 21st October 2011

Occasionally, show-business throws up an odd coupling; an obscure marriage of styles most likely to end in messy divorce and the tearful sawing up of once-shared furnishings.

On the face of it, pairing burlesque star Immodesty Blaize with soulful indie-poppers the Noisettes, appears one such obtuse collaboration that can only end up in court. But the more you think about, the London band are a surprisingly easy fit with the sumptuous, exotic stylings of burlesque.

Lead singer Shingai Shoniwa's honey-smooth vocal, energetic barefoot delivery and easy femininity all lend themselves well to a sense of cabaret. Evoking the sounds of Motown, the Noisettes are tailor-made for velvet-curtained stages in hazy, late night clubs. One listen to 2009's 'Wild Young Hearts' is enough to conjure images of drinking dens; of ostentatious, sensual glamour. Of burlesque.

The buxom bride in our unlikely union is burlesque megastar Immodesty Blaize. Among Europe's best burlesque performers and feted as Britain's best showgirl by The Times, Blaize is a veteran of musical collaborations, performing alongside artists including Goldfrapp and Roxy Music.

Immodesty Blaize and the Noisettes are not simply performing on the same bill; their 'Looking for Trouble' show is a true, integrated co-production that features the Noisettes' seven-piece band alongside with the exotic, visual banquet of top quality burlesque. An innovative and original project from two of the country's best entertainers, pairing Immodesty Blaize with the Noisettes seems, in retrospect, an obvious coupling. The results, the consummation, will set pulses racing and toes tapping.

The duo come together for two pre-Christmas shows. The first is at the HMV Picture House in Edinburgh on Thursday 8th December 2011, followed by a show at the HMV Forum in London on Saturday 10th December.

We have tickets available now, priced £22.50 for Edinburgh and £25 for London.

Stewart Darkin