Adam Ficek abbreviates Roses Kings Castles to RKC and announces autumn 2011 'British Plastic' album and tour

Posted: 21st October 2011

Album number three for Adam Ficek is just around the corner, with a release date of 7th November. The talented multi-instrumentalist hasn't just laid his Babyshambles days to rest - he's even trimmed back the name of his engaging side-project's original moniker. Previously known as Roses Kings Castles, Ficek has opted to be rid of the 'oses', 'ings' and, er, 'astles' to formulate the simplistic new name of RKC. Anyone mentioning fried chicken shops will be ordered outside, by the way.

After issuing a handful of acclaimed releases, including his most recent album, "Suburban Timebomb", also bolstered by memorable live shows, RKC will soon follow it up with new collection, "British Plastic". An entirely solo-work (save for the lead guitar bits supplied by Patrick Walden), the full-length set was described by its creator thus:

I wanted to make something that had the raw power of the stuff I was hearing and DJing in the clubs, yet still incorporated the ragged guitars and songwriting of British beat music. When Babyshambles ended I put the small amount of money I had into creating a humble space giving me the freedom to create the music that was in my head, I spent a long time in a grimy garage learning how to record, produce and stop the damp from permeating my lungs.

To support the album's impending release next month, Ficek and RKC will be performing a handful of UK shows starting with Brick Lane's 93 Feet East next Tuesday, followed by Cardiff, Birmingham, Derby, Newcastle and Chesterfield on 5th November. Tickets for all shows are a tenner or less!!

Paul Pledger