Biohazard are reborn in defiance and right In Your Face with 2012 UK tour -on sale Friday 21st Oct

Posted: 19th October 2011

Coming out of Brooklyn, calling yourself Biohazard and serving up an album entitled "Urban Discipline", is a sure-fire way to earn yourself some props from the metal and hardcore fraternity, especially when that album turns out to be pretty good and sets your band up as serious contenders.

Biohazard don't just sing about the nasty things in life, they pretty much annihilate all preconceptions with a tough stance on racism and intolerance, despite tenuous early recordings to the contrary. Rather than toe the line trodden by samey hardcore frat-boys, founder singer Evan Seinfeld chose to sing about his home-turf, incorporating insights into hip-hop culture, violence, gang-wars and drugs - just a regular Brooklyn day, perhaps? Their albums have appeared on various labels with their most successful being "Urban Discipline" and "State of the World Address" from the early-to-mid '90s. They make a rather fetching noise.

2012 will see the band release the poignantly-titled ninth studio-album, "Reborn In Defiance". The 'reborn' part of the title may be applied to the fact that founder member Seinfeld has recently departed (just after the album sessions were completed), with previous guitarist and vocalist Scott Roberts now filling his boots for their upcoming "In Your F***ing Face" tour, which kicks off in Manchester on 31st January, followed by Glasgow (1st Feb), Birmingham (2nd) and London (3rd).

Tickets for all four shows go on sale on Friday, priced at £15 (£17.50 for London) - demand will be high.

Paul Pledger