FM promise to be Indiscreet with trio of classic UK album shows in 2012

Posted: 17th October 2011

Back in the early '80s, the expression 'A.O.R.' sent shivers of repulsion and fear throughout the music-press - Adult-Orientated Rock, in case you were wondering. Bands like Foreigner, Reo Speedwagon, Journey, Triumph and Styx all pretty much owned the radio-derived format in the States, while in the UK, we were still reeling from punk and indulging in the so-called New Wave of British Heavy Metal with Motörhead, Iron Maiden etc.

Somewhere in the middle of this divide was FM, a British band that slyly named themselves after the very same American waveband that supported the very same music they specialized in (not the Canadian band of the same name, though). Formed in 1984 at a time when new romantics roamed the streets and Bananarama were clogging up the UK airwaves (yeah, great times), FM were almost a supergroup of sorts, having been comprised of members of Samson and Wildlife, and represented the British take on the dreaded A.O.R. style.

For five years or so, Steve Overland and crew notched up a string of classic-rock albums and singles, including the 1986 debut, "Indiscreet" and the Top 40 album success, "Tough it Out". Despite not gaining any hit-singles, FM's popularity held sway and they have continued to be regarded as masters of rock some 25 years later. They rocked Download earlier this year - so, fancy some more?

The band have announced a trio of shows to celebrate the anniversary of that debut-album, starting with Glasgow's Cathouse on 8th March, followed by Manchester's Academy 3 on the 9th and the Shepherd's Bush Empire on the 10th. We will have tickets for all three from 9am on Friday morning (21st October).

Paul Pledger