I want chocolate, weight-loss and laughs!! Hormonal Housewives on tour in 2011/ 2012

Posted: 14th October 2011

'Once a month' is a dreaded term that can strike fear into the minds of women and the loins of men - it signifies a period of short tempers, long moods, high demands and a few arguments about any little thing (except that they're not little things anymore - they're massive world-changing issues, all of a sudden).

On a serious note, It's also not fun for the poor woman, especially if the loveable lunk of a partner doesn't do anything, except perhaps cheer England on (in vain) or generally 'get in the way' of absolutely everything you want to do - like 'everything' and all at once. Best to stay out of the way and help out before being needed - seems to work for me (thinks: "or does it?").

"Hormonal Housewives" might be just what you need - a great night out with the girls, watching a show about the things that drive you mad in the first place. Trying to maintain a high standard of work in your current career? Tricky. Trying to make ends meet and look after the kids? Stressful. Fed up feeling fed up? Yep. Desperate to knock a few kilos off, to look slimmer in that dress? Time for chocolate. Hey lads - it ain't easy being a woman, especially with stretch-marks, lip hair and PMS. Give her a break.

Recently, TV's Carol Smillie has been presenting a hugely-successful run of the show in Scotland. Written by Julie Coombe and John McIsaac, Hormonal Housewives offers laughter and solace from the rigours of multi-tasking, living, breathing and growing older. Audiences have lapped up Smillie's rhetoric north of the border and with shows still due to run in Ayr, Edinburgh and Glasgow, demand from the south has obviously crept through to the promoters.

2012 will see the successful show, starring Corrie's Beverley Callard in place of Smillie, heading to Wimbledon from 22nd to 25th Feb, followed by stops in Milton Keynes, Liverpool, Grimsby, Manchester and many more until finishing back in London in Richmond on 13th May. Tickets for most of the shows are on sale priced from £18.50 upwards. Your bum will NOT look big at this show, especially with all your mates sat with you!

Paul Pledger