Buy One Get One Free tickets for the Doctor Who Experience until 29th January 2012!

Posted: 3rd January 2012

It's probably true to say that everyone is aware of this thing called, "Doctor Who". Well, not so much a 'thing' as a phenomenon and after almost 800 episodes, it doesn't look like being one of the victims of BBC's sweeping wave of money-saving cuts, anytime soon.

Pitched between the realities of science and the fictitious world of frighteningly, terrifyingly gruesome monsters and alien-beings, Doctor Who is a British institution that has captured the imaginations of generations of kids and adults (especially adults - you know who you are). Its humble beginnings in the 1960s were augmented by wobbly backdrops, wire-assisted flying stunts, explosions no worse than a damp Swan Vesta and low-budget creatures with costumes made of Styrofoam and plastic. As for hiding behind the sofa when these vile colossus slithered and stomped onto our screens? Pah! (quiver).

Matt Smith is currently, and very competently, The Doctor, with a quizzical verve and geekish vigour that the current generation of viewers seems to be lapping up. And Amy Pond, his current sidekick, it has to be said, is easy on the eye - until she sadly leaves the series, that is.

Kensington Olympia is currently hosting the ultimate exhibition - the Doctor Who Experience. The title of the event should not be taken lightly - each visit becomes a journey through time and space, featuring a loose plot about the Doctor having to be reunited with his beloved Tardis by means of special effects and interaction from YOU, the visitor. Matt Smith stars in specially-filmed sequences throughout the interactive element of the show - but that's not all. There is also an extensive exhibition that features many costumes and baddies from almost five decades of the series - a fan's treasure trove.

The Experience is set to close on 22nd February and there are bargains to be had! The Special Offer is: Book one ticket to visit the Doctor Who Experience and get another ticket FREE! Click on the Book This Offer button to take advantage of the offer. The offer ends on 29th January!

Standard tickets cost £15.50 for weekday adult tickets, £18 for weekend tickets, with children's tickets costing £12.50 midweek, £14 at the weekend. You are required to specify your visit-times on our agent's website before proceeding as well as remembering to enter TMDEAL in the "offer code" box to obtain your discount.