We will never surrender! Warren Clarke to play Churchill in new wartime drama, Three Days in May

Posted: 23rd September 2011

These days we're apt to take many things for granted - our phones, our clothes, our plasma-screens, our shops (hello looters) and our iPods. But none of this compares with our freedom, not just of speech, but freedom of being able to do pretty much anything legal, respectable and harmonious. And, whatever you think about wars and conflicts, we can all thank one man (and his government cabinet) for digging-in with resolute stubbornness and a desire to stand up for good over evil - Winston Churchill.

"Three Days in May" is a compelling new wartime drama, written by relative newbie-playwright, Ben Brown, and tells the story of the decisive 72 hours when Churchill, played by Dalziel & Pascoe actor, Warren Clarke, had to not only stand up to the threats from Hitler, but also his own political colleagues as some considered giving in to the dictator, rather than fight. The iconic PM had only been in power for a matter of days, before being charged with the task of forming a war cabinet in preparation for the impending "Battle of Britain", a tough call by anyone's standards. His decision must be for the good of the free world and it must be final.

The Trafalgar Studios, based on London's Whitehall (quite apt, considering the play's subject matter), will present Brown's enticing politically-charged wartime-drama for a four-month run from 31st October 2011 to 3rd March 2012. Ticket prices start at £35.

Other performers in the play include Dicken Ashworth (Corrie, Morse and Emmerdale) and James Alper (Doctors, Casualty).

Ahead of the Trafalgar Studio stint, the show finishes-off the final few dates of a tour, hitting Brighton and Milton Keynes before transferring to London.

Paul Pledger