Stories from the deep - Glenn Hughes to reveal all in autobiographical acoustic November 2011 UK shows

Posted: 9th September 2011
Deep Purple

This isn't the first time we've featured one Glenn Hughes, erstwhile bassist and singer with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and, currently, rock super-group Black Country Communion - it probably won't be the last, providing he continues on the relatively straight and narrow, rather than his earlier incarnation as a hedonist. And when I say 'hedonist', I don't mean in a dabbling Shaun Ryder kind of way, we're talking full-on journeys through Amsterdam blizzards.

Hughes was previously a member of '60s nearly-famous funk-rockers Trapeze, before being recruited to walk the high-wire (see what I did there?) of fame and fortune with Deep Purple, by now a global band with their own private jet, extravagant even for the high-flying '70s. Of course, in those days, being a rock superstar brought a certain lifestyle change which often involved groupies, gold and gear - naughty gear - and Hughes became a little bit partial to hoovering and toking it up, to the brink of 'stop-or-you-die'. So he did and embarked on a solo career and survival program which has thankfully brought him back from the brink. As Hughes himself succinctly puts it:

I had a constant fascination with the dark side. It is another world, bordering on insanity, and demonic possession, or what I thought was my own soul-bending personal nirvana. It's good to be back in the middle of the boat, instead of hanging on for dear life in the last life boat.

Earlier this year, Hughes released his warts'n'all autobiography which relives the whole tornado of rock'n'roll in explicit and painful detail. A paperback version is due for publication in November, tying-in nicely with some new intimate acoustic shows that will feature the man himself reminiscing from the book, as well as singing bare-bones versions of classic Purple and more.

Billed as 'An Evening with...', the tour will kick-off in London on the 14th November, followed by stops in Birmingham, Cardiff and Manchester. Tickets are on sale now, priced at £17.50 (£20 for London), with more shows likely to be added to the gaps in the calendar. Wherever he ends up playing, be sure not to miss out on one of THE rock and roll stories of its time.

Paul Pledger