This is The Age of Hell, brought to you by Chimaira - 2012 March UK tour announced

Posted: 24th August 2011

One of many promising young metal and rock bands on Roadrunner during the past decade has been Chimaira, who have issued some pretty thumping sets for that label and, more recently, Nuclear Blast. Despite being signed to two of the biggest rock labels on the planet, their ascendancy never quite happened anywhere else but the US and even then it took a few years of intense touring and a self-financed EP to even get noticed in the first place.

2001 proved to be the big step they needed when Roadrunner signed them up, but after two initial flops in "Pass Out Of Existence" and "The Impossibility of Reason", it was to be their self-titled 2005 set that propelled them into the spotlight in Australia, the UK and Northern Europe, despite the 10-song collection being a far less melodic and, in the words of Chris Spicuzza (then keyboardist) "far more brutal".

"Resurrection" and "The Infection" continued their popularity, although Europe clearly moved away from the latter - so what of new album, "The Age of Hell"? Well, with a few new members in the line-up and just founder members Mark Hunter and Rob Arnold remaining, Chimaira have turned the page on another chapter and things are looking good again. They've singed with America's largest indie label (E1 Music) and have a UK tour lined up for next year.

First stop will be Glasgow on 8th March, followed by Dundee, Aberdeen then South to England & Wales, including an appearance at Hammerfest 2012 in Prestatyn on 16th March, stops in Nottingham, Exeter and Cardiff and finally Islington's Academy on 27th March. We will have tickets from Friday 26th August - prices vary between £13 and £16.

Meanwhile, check out how loud Chimaira have become with recent single, "Year of the Snake" - who needs neighbours anyway?

Paul Pledger