Sonic Boom Six set for autumn 2011 UK tour - tickets available now

Posted: 22nd August 2011

Manchester ska-punk outfit Sonic Boom Six have been winning friends and influencing people for nearly a decade now. Yet, with an agenda of socio-political commentary set to ska beats and with a mask of jaunty anger, the (now) five-piece does not sound the most appetising of propositions.

But seen live, 'SB6' show their true colours as a fun-loving, hard-working band of boundless energy and musical excitement. They believe and, whether seeing a full on, cranked-to-11 electric set or catching a rarer, intimate acoustic show, you soon will too.

With a glint in her eye and a mischievous smile, Laila K has fronted the band for the best part of a decade, her tiny frame straining to contain the passion and fun within. Sonic Boom Six face the world with Cheshire cat grins and songs of disenchantment, hope and no little romance.

And it has won them many friends. With three full-length studio albums and a fourth in the pipeline, SB6 are veterans of numerous collaborations, live DVDs and compilation releases. They have played the main stage at Leeds and Reading and gigs all over the world and heard their songs on Radio 1 and beyond.

After another summer of festival appearances including Guilfest, Kendal Calling, Bearded Theory and a headline slot on the Red Bull stage at Sonisphere, and without missing a beat, SB6 will launch into a headline tour in the autumn.

The tour kicks off in Derby on 13th October, followed by Leicester and then a hometown gig at Manchester's Moho Live on the 15th. Shows in Glasgow, Wrexham, Preston, London (Underworld) and many more follow before the final gig in Sheffield on 3rd November.

We have tickets for all dates available now, priced £9 for London and just £8 for all other venues.

Stewart Darkin