Peter Hook and the Light bring you closer to the Joy Division legacy - Nov 2011 Lowry double-bill announced

Posted: 22nd August 2011
Peter Hook and the Light

The legend of Joy Division has been documented during the past 20 years or so - the films "Control" and "24 Hour Party People", the books "Shadowplayers" and "Touching from a Distance" and the "Substance" and "Permanent" compilations have all either touched upon or drilled into the details of Ian Curtis' life and premature death and are essential media for anyone remotely interested in British music. Literature from Paul Morley, Lindsay Reade and Mick Middles also fuels the legacy - the list continues to grow, year in year out.

And this is a good thing - Joy Division, later to become New Order, were, are and will continue to be an important piece of the post-punk and rock jigsaw for years to come. 2011 has been no exception. "Total", a first-time buyers' compilation of both bands' incredible output, seen by some as 'yet another cash-in' but also seen by many as a great starting-point, was released a few months ago to muted applause - too much, too quickly? Perhaps.

Original founder and bassist Peter Hook and his band The Light, might just be a better way to experience Joy Division songs at close range - the ensemble have been performing both key Joy Division albums since 2010 as well as issuing an EP, "1102/2011", with Rowetta on vocals. America will be sampling some Hooky action in September, but upon his return with the band, he'll be back on his home turf for two very special shows at The Lowry in Salford on 18th and 19th November. Let's face it - if there's anyone who can put a bit of passion into it, it's Peter Hook.

Each show will consist of both albums being performed in track order, which means "Unknown Pleasures" will be represented by "Disorder", "Day Of The Lords", "I Remember Nothing" etc and "Closer" will feature "Atrocity Exhibition", "Isolation" and "Decades", back-to-back. Form a (dis)orderly queue by clicking on your preferred date - tickets cost £23 and are already selling fast!

Paul Pledger