From X-Factor to a total Classic - Joe McElderry brings out the Italian for new album and UK tour

Posted: 19th August 2011

Just as the new judges have been announced for something called X Factor, a TV talent show apparently, watched by millions, one of its previous winners has announced the release of his second album and a new UK tour. Unlike the judges selected for the programme, McElderry may experience less back-biting and hatred and rather more props for his choice of songs.

Having won the 2009 edition of X Factor, McElderry released his debut album "Wide Awake" as part of the deal with Simon Cowell's aptly-monikered Syco label. It notched-up enough sales to reach #3 in the charts, bolstered by the mild euphoria created by the preceding number 1 single, "The Climb". Curiously, "Wide Awake" disappeared from view as quickly as Cowell's next 6-course meal and McElderry chose to appear on the next TV 'life-change' vehicle, From Popstar To Operastar, which he won hands-down.

So then - have a guess where this activity has taken the singer next?

Correct-amundo, our Joe has recorded an album of classic big-voiced operatic ballads, some of them very familiar ("Solitaire", "Over The Rainbow" and "Dance With My Father", previously made respectable by the late Luther Vandross) and some of them in Italian, including the song he sang on From Popstar To Operastar, "Nessun Dorma" and, get this, "Il Mio Cuore Va" better known as Celine Dion's ferry-sinking, "My Heart Will Go On". All of which may cause some of you to quiver like a looter in the prison-showers, but the man has clearly got some bottle (and talent) to have a crack at them. Decca Records don't get it wrong too often either - they're releasing this album, entitled "Classic", on Monday!

His 2011 UK tour should attract interest - it starts in Margate on 6th November, followed by Southend, Birmingham, Manchester etc until a whopping big show at the Royal Festival Hall on 27th. Tickets for the shows are on sale from next Friday at 9am, except for Margate which is Tuesday.

Paul Pledger