The Dwarves are Born Again with brand new album and UK tour for November 2011

Posted: 17th August 2011

Around the time that Grunge was starting to help loosen the grip on teenager's belts (and wallets), the iconic thrash/punk/rock Sub Pop label was reaping rewards with albums from Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jnr, Green River (later to become Pearl Jam), Soundgarden and Nirvana. Although it didn't become rich overnight, its exported bands did, once they had jumped ship to follow the dollar.

One band who may well have done themselves absolutely NO favours at all with getting a major label deal (that's if they cared, of course) were The Dwarves. Best described as garage punk/scum-punk or even just hardcore, the band took their influence from extreme performance artist, G.G.Allin, a man not afraid to, er, entertain with bodily functions, shall we say.

The album which garnered more attention for its sleeve-art than for its powerful trash-rock, was 1989/90's "Blood Guts and Pussy", an intense assemblage of potty-mouth splatter-punk and a cover emblazoned with naked women, blood and, er, a rabbit being compromised. Not surprisingly, the chain-stores banned it, proclaiming it to be all manner of things, except good taste. The Dwarves had struck a nerve and, therefore, continued to offend with similarly 'dodgy' artwork and song-titles. Well, it's tradition - and tongue-in-cheek.

Now in 2011, according to their latest album-title, "The Dwarves Are Born Again", which could mean one of two things - they've discovered God or they're back to their sleazy trashy best. Let's go with the second scenario, shall we? I can't even tell you about some of the titles, although opener "The Dwarves are the Best Band Ever" gives you an idea of their audacity.

Think they need to prove it? Check them out on tour in November to see what all the noisy fuss is about, when they start touring from London (17th) through Bristol, Manchester and more until Southampton on the 26th. Tickets cost from £10 to £13.50.

Paul Pledger