Fionn Regan to stroll through 100 Acres of Sycamore with December 2011 UK/ Ireland shows, new album and free download

Posted: 16th August 2011

Incredibly, Fionn Regan is still a bit of an unknown outside of his fevered fanbase and critical alliance. The boy can sing, write great songs and evoke all sorts of imagery and mythology with his lyrics and sleeve artwork. *Checks Singles Chart - sees Cher Lloyd at number 1 - weeps* - maybe some things are better off a secret.

Still, he hasn't gone entirely un-noticed. In 2007, he was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize for the album, "The End of History". They liked it in Ireland as well, lavishing praise on the same album in the Choice Music Prize - it didn't win, but his fan-base has grown enough to sell out his shows.

Musically, he sits in with folk songwriters such as Roy Harper, Mike Scott and even Tim Buckley - vocally, he sits on his own. No fiddle-de-dee mawkishness here, just a strong tone-perfect voice with an unfussy delivery. Add in some strings and atmospherics and you have a perfect blend, something that you can hear on the free download of the title track from his new album, "100 Acres of Sycamore" - head to his website ( to hear it.

Apart from the new album, due out next week, Regan has released details of UK shows in December, starting with Salford's St Phillips & Sacred Trinity church on the 1st, followed by Oxford's St Barnabas Church on the 2nd, Bristol's Trinity Centre on the 4th, Brighton's Ballroom on the 5th and Pepper Canister Church in Dublin on 8th December. The keen-eyed will notice churches in that schedule and why not? The man suits big spaces but mercifully not stadiums. We will have tickets on sale from Wednesday morning at 9am for these shows, except Dublin (Thursday) and Bristol (Friday) - prices start at £10 (€19.90 for Dublin).

His next London show is at Bush Hall on 20th September and there are now just a handful of tickets remaining. Keep 'em peeled for any more Fionn Regan shows around the UK.

Paul Pledger