The Average White Band are going round again - summer 2011 tour tickets available

Posted: 12th August 2011
Average White Band

For a generation of pop music fans, the Average White Band were the group who recorded the original of Louise Redknapp's late nineties disco cover, 'Let's Go Round Again'. As a post-Eternal Louise flapped around helplessly on the cover of lads' mags everywhere, the music of the Average White Band was giving her another top ten single and, for some, this may have been seen as AWB's finest moment.

Like the 'Average' moniker, they couldn't be more wrong. AWB are disco-soul legends who have lived - and pushed - life to the very edge. Their first taste of success came via Eric Clapton's coat tails but the Scottish six-piece (as it was) were quick to make their mark on both sides of the Atlantic.

In fact, 'Let's Go Round Again' was far from their finest hour - more of a parting shot as AWB dropped from view. Their breakthrough in America came with second album 'AWB', and how. No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, it spawned the million-selling single 'Pick up the Pieces', also a US No 1.

There was also nothing Average about AWB's partying either, and it cost them dear. Having relocated to LA, founding members Robbie McIntosh and Alan Gorrie both overdosed on heroin at a party. McIntosh died there and then but Gorrie survived thanks to the interventions of Cher (really), who kept him conscious until paramedics arrived. That was 1974 and Gorrie still leads AWB today.

White, yes (almost blue, being Scottish) but Average? Never. AWB are funk soul disco legends and they're back on the road this summer.

AWB kick off their UK tour at The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh on 23rd August, followed by gigs in Wolverhampton, Brighton, London (three nights at The Jazz Café) and others, before the final show of the run in Dunfermline on 4th September.

We have tickets available now for all dates, priced from just £12.50 for Newcastle to £20 for The Jazz Café gigs.

Stewart Darkin