My Morning Jacket travel full-circle for UK Circuital shows in November 2011

Posted: 1st August 2011

According to their entry in Wikipedia, My Morning Jacket's latest album was created for a bunch of Muppets - literally.

A couple of songs in the form of "Wonderful" and "Outta My System" were earmarked for the rock band featured in Jim Henson's wirey felt-puppet legends, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Fate's fickle finger pointed itself at their then agent, who found himself fired and the resultant songs were left unused, until front-man Jim James decided to get into gear and finish them as part of 2011's "Circuital" album.

Let's aim an analogy at this chain of events - if a British pop-singer got asked to sing at the Queen's birthday party, the reaction in most cases would be, "Wow, I'm there. What time am I on?". This was to have been James' own royal appointment, such is the legendary status of The Muppets in the States - he was a bit gutted.

Some might argue we've got plenty of Muppets of our own in power over here, which might explain the attraction of the UK for another series of shows in the autumn from the wonderful My Morning Jacket, starting in Glasgow on 2nd November and followed by Birmingham (3rd), Leeds (5th), Manchester (6th) and finally, London on the 7th. More shows are bound to be announced at some point, but meanwhile this quintet will go on sale from Friday at 9am, priced at £16 (£20 for the Roundhouse show).

The dates will follow-up their recent burst of Latitude activity, as well as their recent Somerset House show in London and will form their first tour of the UK since 2008.

Paul Pledger