Caroline Quentin and Andy Nyman offer Terrible Advice to the Menier Chocolate Factory - tickets available for autumn 2011 run

Posted: 29th July 2011

The Hollywood-actors-returning-to-their-theatrical-roots-club has just recently gained another member - Saul Rubinek. The name may not be as immediate as, say, Kevin Spacey (who went back to theatre as director of London's Old Vic in 2003), but when you check out the man's credentials you realise just how experienced the Canadian is.

His acting-credits include "Unforgiven", "True Romance", roles in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Stargate" and comedy slots on "Frasier" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm", as well as a director on "Jerry and Tom" and "Cruel But Necessary". It seems only natural then to write your first play at 63 years old.

And that is precisely what Rubinek has been doing, with the fruits of his creative labour being the debut play, "Terrible Advice", a comedy about best friends being more than best friends...and not knowing about the secrets they all share - until one day...

The story will be brought to life by the popular comedy-actress, Caroline Quentin ("Men Behaving Badly", "Life Begins"), writer Andy Nyman ("Ghost Stories", "Derren Brown") and Sharon Horgan ("Pulling"), all under the watchful eye of Frank Oz, yes the voice of The Muppets and Yoda, as well as a major director of considerable repute - "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", "Death at a Funeral" and "Little Shop of Horrors".

The Menier Chocolate Factory will host the run from 22nd September to 12th November and we have tickets, costing £31.50 for previews (22nd - 28th Sep) or £37 for the remaining shows. Book now as this is a limited run at this theatre.

Paul Pledger