Peter Doherty extends autumn 2011 UK tour

Posted: 21st July 2011
Peter Doherty

Pete 'Peter' Doherty has had something of a clear diary recently, holidaying as he is at Her Majesty's pleasure. Having previously spent two periods in prison for drugs offences, in May of this year, the part-time Libertine was sentenced to six months for possession of cocaine and the Doherty Headline Generator fell silent. The public rolled its eyes.

Doherty may not be in the press much just now but we can exclusively reveal that he is being a good boy in prison. We know this because he has scheduled a short autumn solo tour beginning some four months after he was sent down for six.

Whatever Doherty's state of mind and health on his release, he'll want to get back to what he does best as soon as possible. Throughout his trials, whether by media, magistrate or circuit judge, fans have never forgotten the basic fact that, with Carl Barât, he co-wrote some of the finest garage punk standards of the last decade.

Aside from The Libertines, his Babyshambles project may have been a rambling, gambolling mess at times but it still threw up a few new anthems for Peter's beloved Albion, such as 'Down In Albion', 'Killamangiro' and the show-closing, rabble-rousing, radio-unfriendly 'Fuck Forever'.

But our Pete is not all about drugs, anger and profanity. Far from it. His back catalogue and live performances reveal him as a romantic with just as many songs of love and tenderness as rebellion or disenchantment. His collaboration with Pete 'Wolfman' Wolfe (also convicted of drugs offences), the beguiling and sweeping 'For Lovers', remains a staple of the Radio 2 playlist.

Drug addict, convict, romantic - Doherty is all these and more and his live shows lay it all bare. Given his experiences, audiences could expect a degree of anger or desire for vengeance but the only disappoint he expresses is in himself.

Mostly, he will turn up with his guitar and play 'Time for Heroes' and 'Don't Look Back Into the Sun' and no one will care how long he's been wearing those jeans. All the shows are different and all will be remembered by those who saw them.

The autumn dates include some rescheduled from his misspent summer and begin in Derry on 15th September, moving on to Belfast, Glasgow and others, before the final show of the run at the Brixton Academy on 23rd September.

We have tickets for all the shows. Most are available now with Derry and Belfast on sale from 9AM on Friday 22nd July. Tickets are around £18 for all dates, £20 for London.

Ahead of the tour Doherty is also scheduled to perform at the Leeds and Reading Festivals at the end of August, just over half-way into his sentence. He really is being a good boy.


Peter Doherty was released from jail on Wednesday 6th July 2011.

Stewart Darkin