When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes to a Yellowcard and Saves the Day 2011 UK tour

Posted: 18th July 2011

During a Florida holiday many years ago, our party drove through the city of Jacksonville, without stopping. At the time it seemed the right thing to do, especially as the Gulf of Mexico was beckoning to us at the time. If we'd have stopped at a music-venue in Downtown Jacksonville, we may well have heard the raging sounds of a fledgling Yellowcard booming from a bar-room, possibly engaged in a spot of "Midget Tossing" (the title of their debut album, you understand).

After some 15 years, which included a two-year hiatus until 2010, Yellowcard have something of a reputation for being rather good, a fact proven by the release of the 2005/6 US Top 5 album, "Lights and Sounds". It turned out to be their UK breakthrough, of sorts, and set them on the way to selling out shows quite regularly.

At around the same time, New Jersey rock outfit, Saves The Day, had just issued their acclaimed "Sound the Alarm" album, also a US hit though not quite as big a seller. Like Yellowcard, STD [catchy acronym! - Ed] have successfully left their mark on the melodic hardcore-rock scene with an acclaimed album, "Through Being Cool", and grown into a sure-fire bet for a great show. Wouldn't it be great if the two bands hooked up for some UK concert lovin'?

Wouldn't you just know it - both bands have 2011 albums either released or forthcoming and both bands HAVE shaken hands and agreed to headline a joint tour. 28th November sees the pairing hit Glasgow, followed by dates in Birmingham, Manchester and finally, London on 1st December. We will have tickets from 9am on Friday with demand expected to be high.

Both bands will be airing new songs - Yellowcard with tracks from "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes" and Saves The Day with the upcoming and long-awaited "Daybreak", due out in September.

Paul Pledger