Jane's Addiction have been caught recording a new album and planning a 2011 UK tour!

Posted: 13th July 2011

'Prolific' is hardly a word you would aim in Jane's Addiction's direction, but then they haven't been very consistent as a unit either. Formed in the mid-'80s, split in the early '90s, reformed in '97, split the same year - I mean, come on Perry Farrell, you're having a laugh, right?

Not surprisingly, given their moniker, drugs pretty much wiped the band out, mentally, physically and professionally, although some solo work could also be apportioned to their continual dalliance with musical-divorce. They made Amy Winehouse look like Eliza Doolittle, quite honestly. In amongst the madness, they released a pair of cracking albums in "Nothing's Shocking" and "Ritmo De Lo Habitual" and have soundtracked a few alt-rock club-nights with the shoplifting-anthem, "Been Caught Stealing".

But music, creativity, fans (and there are a lot of them) and the promise of a few bills being paid seems to draw them together, every so often - and 2010 has proven to be no exception, because the band reunited again to begin recording a new album with TV ON The Radio's Dave Sitek. One year on and Jane's Addiction are ready to unleash "The Great Escape Artist" onto the public, via the medium of CD, download - and live!!

They're already performing at Reading and Leeds festivals [Leeds day tickets still available at £82.50 - Reading Saturday now sold out - Ed], but if you can't get to either, you can now see them perform at an exclusive (so far) London show afterwards - Perry and co will be appearing at KOKO in North London on 30th August and we will have tickets from 9am on Friday, priced at £29.50. Demand will be high.

Paul Pledger