Parkway Drive set to follow-up their Sonisphere 2011 work-out with new 2012 UK shows

Posted: 8th July 2011
Parkway Drive

Some bands eh? They just LOVE their UK fans so much, they're never out of our new tickets list. Parkway Drive are one of them - no sooner have they recently finished a sold-out UK tour back in the spring, than another handful of shows pops up a few months later. No-one's complaining of course...

Parkway Drive actually dispel the myth that most Aussies are chilled out, peaceable peeps who have little to get really worked-up about. New single "Unrest" is a monstrously powerful venting of spleens and screaming of demons and a perfect example of how metal should sound, rather than the slack-trousered frat-boys who decorate some kids' walls and iPod playlists. Taken from their last album, "Deep Blue", it's as fast and intense as they get - so who's up for hearing tracks from their new album, live?

Better get yourselves to the PC on Monday, because new 2012 tour dates go on sale for these boys and they're gonna sell like leather to Lemmy. First stop is London's IndigO2 on 7th April, followed by Birmingham (8th), Manchester (10th) and Cardiff (11th), priced at £14 (£15 for London). Don't forget now - Monday 11th July at 9am - be here!

Paul Pledger