Made in Germany and live in the UK - Rammstein announce greatest hits 2012 UK/ Ireland tour

Posted: 5th July 2011

"Outrageous". "Controversial". "Explicit". "Confrontational". These are just some of the adjectives that have been lobbed in Rammstein's direction by various critics and the easily-offended. Probably the same people who indulge their dirty little fantasies by reading the Sunday tabloids.

Musically, they sit somewhere between ear-splittingly beautiful and theatrically bonkers, with both feet firmly rooted in the fields of metal, rock and industrial. If you don't know what 'industrial' means as a music-genre, imagine Bring Me The Horizon playing jack-hammers and road-drills instead of guitars, add in some electronic spice and the biggest ruddy show on Earth and you're getting warmer. Get rid of Bring Me the Horizon and add in a smattering of Germanic theatre and piles of pyrotechnics and, well, you're getting pretty hot - literally.

Any band that wheels out a tune called "Pussy" ain't exactly gonna be supporting Jedward on their next tour - with any luck Rammstein will be using the vertically-follicled duo as fuel for their stage fireballs on their next tour - which leads me onto the announcement of such an event, along with a new album, a compilation in fact.

First stop for the "Made In Germany 1995 - 2011" tour is the O2 Arena in London on 24th February, followed by stops in Birmingham, Dublin, Newcastle, Manchester and finally, Nottingham on 2nd March. We will have tickets from Friday at 9am and demand will be seriously crazy - this lot sell out pretty quickly.

And selling out is NOT something you can accuse Rammstein of doing, partly because they'd probably tie you to a rocket and fire you through the ceiling and partly because a "Greatest Hits" collection from them is actually long-overdue. It will feature 20 steaming classics, including a new song plus every video they've done on a separate DVD.

Paul Pledger