Get switched on with OFF! - US punk and hardcore supergroup announce August 2011 UK dates

Posted: 17th June 2011
F*cked Up

It's surely tempting fate to call your band OFF! - imagine the audience chanting when they hit the euphoric moment of the encore. Band: "You want more ***kin' hardcore? You wannit now?" - Audience: "OFF!" - Band: "Oh, OK then" (walks off) - Audience: "Er no,"

Formed in 2009, OFF! had already set their stall out with a line-up back in 2009, by recruiting musicians from established US rock bands. Singer Keith Morris is from Circle Jerks and Black Flag, Dimitri Coats hails from the world of Burning Brides, Steven McDonald normally blisters his bass-playing thumbs with Redd Kross and Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes have probably been wondering what Mario Rubalcaba has been doing with his drumsticks of an evening. They've been a bit busy and not with a needlework class.

So far the band has issued a series of rare vinyl singles, debuting with a four EP box set called, erm, "First Four EPs" [imaginative bunch! - Ed] and are also due to tour the US with Dinosaur Jnr and Henry Rollins, so you kinda know what you're going to get. If you like Mumford & Sons, you might want to change channels, shall we say, because OFF! are heading to the UK for a few dates in August, plus some festival appearances including Reading and Leeds.

The headliners include Bristol on 5th August, followed by Portsmouth on the 7th and rounded off with London's XOYO on 25th August (with Fucked Up in support). Tickets cost £12.50 (or £14 for London).

Paul Pledger