War Horse gallops into autumn 2012 with extended new London theatre residency - tickets just released

Posted: 6th June 2011
Its sheer skill and invention are awe-inspiring - The Times
An extraordinary piece of theatre which is both epic and intimate" - Sunday Express
You'll want to see it again and again. Enthralling" - er, me

As well as the quotes above, other critics have showered five-star reviews at War Horse like sugar-lumps - and rightly so. Michael Morpurgo's splendid wartime drama might not sound like a thrilling proposition but, trust me, it is [I second that emotion - Ed].

Featuring stunning puppetry and bags of light-hearted moments (as well as a bit of tear-jerking, of course), "War Horse" has been delighting audiences for many years with it's skilful stage-play and story-line about a horse sold-off to become one of many equine volunteers in France during the First World War. The horse once belonged to young Albert, who misses him tremendously and therefore decides to embark on a journey through minefields and crossfire to try and bring him home.

Not surprisingly, given the reaction from audiences and critics alike, the run at the New London Theatre in Drury lane has been extended until October 2012, with tickets now available. Prices start at £14 for basic Circle seats, rising to £39 for Stalls or £84 for Premium Stalls. Please be aware that the show is for children aged 10 or over and does contain a few loud gunshots.

Paul Pledger