Jai McDowall's pure voice wins him Britain's Got Talent 2011 - Tickets for the live tour still available

Posted: 6th June 2011
Diversity - Image:

The names Paul Potts, Escala and George Sampson might not conjure up immediate memory-jogs in the old synapses, but fire Susan Boyle (out of a cannon?), Spelbound and Diversity into half of the nation's ears and they'd say "Yay, they won a talent show innit?" (or some other variation on the word 'yes', that isn't actually the word 'yes') [don't be putting down the yoof, ya git me? - Ed].

'Yes' folks, the latest series of Britain's Got Talent ground to a dramatic halt on Saturday night, when the Scottish singer of operatic proportions (that's vocally, not physically), Jai McDowall, boomed his way through Josh Groban's, "To Where You Are" and copped a prize of £100,000, plus endless column-inches in gossip-pages and the chance to advertise electric-razors or something.

To be fair though, he can belt 'em out, which is something that BGT fans can witness first-hand during the upcoming Britain's Got Talent Live tour, without having to listen to the judges blathering on. He's won it after a massive public vote and, hey, if he's good enough for The Hoff.....!

McDowall and other key performers from this year's series will be touring the UK from 11th June, starting in Newcastle, through Scotland (Glasgow has now sold out though), then back down south via Liverpool etc to Wembley, before finishing up in Bournemouth (also sold-out). Remaining concerts will cost £35 and are naturally starting to sell fast!!

Paul Pledger