CSS for summer 2011 'La Liberación' album and UK tour - tickets on sale now

Posted: 3rd June 2011

Brazilian Sub Pop indie electro-poppers CSS are returning to the UK, almost two years to the day after their last appearance - a DJ set - and nearly three years since their last live gig, in Brighton in 2008.

Formed in 2003 and supposedly named after the Portuguese translation of a Beyoncé quote, that she was "tired of being sexy", Cansei de Ser Sexy enjoyed an unconventional rise.

Band members were well known around the club scene of their home city of São Paulo and gained a reputation for embracing new technologies. Singer Lovefoxxx, was known for her photography (via prolific use of Flickr) long before she was known for being in CSS. As they became more popular, they sold EPs at gigs and gave away a blank CD with each so fans could copy it for friends. And this was back in 2005 when copying CDs was still a bit naughty.

Then in 2006, their single 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex', taken from their self-titled debut album, was picked up by Apple for a global iPod television campaign. As a flag bearer for the new media, CSS have more-or-less selected themselves.

CSS's third album, La Liberación, is due for release in August 2011 and the Brazilians will be bringing its 'reggae and punk influences' to the UK for four dates that month. Brighton on the 21st August, is followed by dates in London and Birmingham, before the short tour ends at Manchester's Academy on 30th October.

Tickets are on sale now, starting at £12.50 (£15 for London).

Stewart Darkin