When the machines rock again - Gary Numan reveals Dead Son Rising 2011 UK tour and album details

Posted: 2nd June 2011
Gary Numan

Never has the star burned more brightly for Gary Numan. Resurgent live shows alongside his hero, John Foxx, cracking reissues of his Tubeway Army material, numerous festival appearances, including an upcoming ATP Nightmare Before Christmas appearance during the Battles-curated December event - what more could a Numan fan wish for. He's back and back in spades.

So, news of a new UK tour, AND a brand spanking new album, might just send a few people over the edge with excitement - brace yourselves, people, because Numan IS indeed back with that very combination.

The new album will be released on 5th September and is entitled "Dead Son Rising", tracks from which have already been aired on previous occasions in recent months. Audience reaction was, according to Gary on his website, "....fantastic and has given me a lot of confidence in the direction I am now moving in". Judging by the sample tracks on his official website, you're in for a hefty ride, especially with the stand-out "The Fall"!

First stop on the tour is Nottingham on 15th September, followed by Bournemouth, Shepherd's Bush, Wolves, Liverpool, Glasgow and finally Leeds. Tickets will be on general sale from Friday at 9am with prices varying from £20 to £25. Demand will be high, we kid you not!

Meanwhile, Numan and album/remix collaborator, Ade Fenton, will be DJing in Peterborough at the Club Revolution complex on 29th July - tickets for the DJ show are available now, priced at £10.

Paul Pledger